For our customers

We believe that the best way to help our customers find the right opportunity for them is to take a relationship first approach. At ACJ Search, our core function begins with getting to know each individual on a personal level. We’ve created a process that helps improve the quality and consistency of our operations, from resourcing to selection and well into onboarding.

Who are our customers?

For us, there’s no distinction between the quality and standard of care we give to our corporate clients and the candidates we search out. We see each individual as our customer, whether you’re searching for a new job or looking for your next hire.

What makes our process different?

We know that our customers will want us to share as much information as possible about the potential opportunities available. That’s why we take plenty of time early on in the process to immerse ourselves in the company culture, and get to know each individual customer as well as we possibly can. Building trust is crucial to making our partnerships a success, so we’ve invested in psychometric testing to give our valuable insights.

For anyone looking to work with ACJ Search in their upcoming job search, we want to reassure you that our process makes it a priority for us to get to know you as an individual, and not just measure your suitability for the roles we have available. So we take you through a career planning exercise, helping you to identify your short and long term career goals, and giving us the best chance of placing you in a role that will not only suit your technical ability, but also leads to genuine happiness and job satisfaction. It’s not something we take lightly at all! We understand that on average, an individual will only change their career 5-7 times throughout their working life*. If you’re feeling anxious or apprehensive about taking such a big step, you can be assured that ACJ Search will represent your best interests in our process. We’re looking for your perfect match.


How are we using McQuaig Psychometric Testing?

McQuaig provides ACJ Search with a platform to gain valuable insights that allow us to improve our profiling, resourcing and selection with some real-time data. The carefully selected questions will enable us to identify core strengths, vital soft skills and areas of growth.

We’re unique in how we use this application because we first ask for each senior leader, manager and C Suite individual to complete the test. By starting with the organisation, we’re able to get a better idea of their cumulative ideal profile, which we can then explore in further detail. We then ask each prospective candidate to complete the same questionnaire, before reviewing the results and looking for synergies.

For us, this significantly reduces the probability of making a poor hiring decision. By being thorough, we’re able to better gauge their personal suitability to the role and existing culture, therefore improving the likelihood of them being successful.

Great! We’ve found our new hire. Is that it?

When a customer chooses to work with ACJ Search, they gain access to our full 90 days support package with an experienced Career Coach. Why did we feel this was important? A study by Jobvite suggested that in the US, 33% of all new hires were likely to quit within the first 90 days of accepting a new role*. What were the main reasons for their swift departure?

  1. Poor company culture
  2. Poor organisational structure
  3. Poor attitude towards management

Whilst we’ve done our best to use psychometrics to determine a good fit for the vacancy, we need to make sure that we’ve everything within our power to prepare an individual for their new role. Over the past 20 years we’ve been working in the recruitment industry, we’ve seen other agencies struggle to provide adequate support for both the employer AND employee during this crucial period. So when we set up ACJ Search, we pledged to do what we could about it.

Our 90 days of coaching and support opens up the conversations that matter. We help our customers to navigate the before, during and after they accept their new role, enabling them to become well adjusted to their new environment, build those necessary connections and relationships quickly and eventually lead onto long term success.


How can you find out more?

Get in touch! You can find out more about how we do things by following our content on social media, giving us a call direct, or filling out our contact form here. We can’t wait to meet you!